Bigolac provides 3 essential nutrients for young piglets: containing protein, lactose and fat. Since the piglet’s gastro-intestinal tract is not yet fully developed, it is of vital importance to supply the right energy sources which are easy digestible for young piglets. Bigolac provides lactose and highly digestible protein, which are essential nutrients for the young piglet. Moreover, Bigolac contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are easy to digest and absorbed by the intestinal wall. The spray-dry technology creates very small emulsified fat particles to further improve digestibility.

Feed intake is key in a young piglet’s life. Bigolac has Dulce inside, which is a unique taste enhancer to enhance feed intake.

The high content of lactose, its convenience and superior fat and protein digestibility makes Bigolac a product of choice in young piglet nutrition.



Bigolac provides lactose and easy digestible protein and fats. Bigolac is designed to include in pre- and post-weaning diets up to 25 kg body weight. Including Bigolac in the feed formula, makes the complete feed highly palatable due to Dulce inside. We recommend including 15% Bigolac in creep, 15% in weaner and 10% in starter feed. Using Bigolac at advised inclusions provides sufficient fat and, generally, covers the lactose requirement for young piglets.