Delac Dulce is an innovative ingredient for premium piglet feeds. Besides focusing on superior ingredients and essential nutrients, a third dimension is taken into account: high palatability.  The Dulce effect of the newly designed Delac Dulce enhances feed intake by improving the taste of the complete feed. “Piglets first have to eat it (the feed), before they can use it (the nutrients).

As the piglet’s sense of taste and smell is better developed than that of human’s, palatability of the feed is of vital for fulfilling the pig’s genetic potential. In the early stages of life and around weaning, optimal feed intake is therefore the biggest challenge.

Based on practical experience, animal nutrition know-how and research, Delac Dulce is the ultimate taste experience.



Delac Dulce is a dairy-based concentrate, providing easy digestible protein, lactose and essential amino acids. Delac Dulce is designed to be included in pre- and post- weaning diets up to 25 kg in body weight. Including Delac Dulce in the feed formula, makes the complete feed highly palatable. We recommend including 20% Delac Dulce in creep, 15% in weaner and 10% in starter feed. Delac Dulce can also be used as a top dressing to enrich taste and thus increase feed intake.