At Joosten, we are continuously reviewing the latest insights into young animal nutrition. Recent studies have shown that the importance of lactose as an energy source decreases as the piglet gets older, while starch becomes increasingly important. Joosten applied the outcome of this research to develop a new product in its Delac range. Successive to the dairy-based concentrate for young piglets, Delac Dulce, Joosten is introducing an energy & protein concentrate for older piglets: Delac Max.

Delac Max is an essential energy source for piglets from 14 days post-weaning, combining highly digestible protein with specially processed carbohydrates. This specialised treatment improves digestion and gives a superior taste.

Including Delac Max in piglet feed from 14 days post-weaning delivers a premium energy source to accelerate growth with optimal economics. 


Delac Max is designed to be used as an energy and protein source in piglet feed 14 days post-weaning or from 10 kg body weight. We recommend including 15% Delac Max from 10 to 25 kg of body weight.