As the piglet’s gastro-intestinal tract has not yet fully developed, it is vitally important to supply the right energy sources which are easy digestible for young piglets. Tecnolat provides lactose and highly digestible protein, which are essential nutrients for the young piglet. Moreover, Tecnolat contains high energy fat with growth enhancing properties. Added nutritional emulsifiers and the small particle size improve fat digestibility to compensate for the piglet’s immature digestive system.

Feed intake is key in a young piglet’s life. Tecnolat contains Dulce, a unique taste enhancer that boosts feed intake.

Tecnolat is an economic and convenient product of choice for piglet nutrition, with a high energy content and superior protein digestibility.



Tecnolat has been developed to be included in preweaning and post-weaning diets up to 25 kg body weight. Adding Tecnolat to the feed formula makes the complete feed highly palatable thanks to Dulce. We recommend including 15% Tecnolat in creep, 15% in weaner and 10% in starter feed. Using Tecnolat as advised will generally cover the lactose requirement for piglets.