Next to highly digestible protein and essential nutrients, palatability is a key element in Delac Dulce. Joosten applies the strategy to maximize feed intake, as the most effective tool to prevent the common struggles post weaning. R&D at Joosten results into a next, big step in the very well-known concept of Delac Dulce. We would like to introduce to you Delac Dulce – The Next Generation. New-formula Delac Dulce has been updated based on new research and piglet trials, but also the latest input from nutrition experts and customer feedback.

Delac Dulce – The Next Generation, is improved in three-fold:
1) Improved formula and taste
2) Unique aroma
3) Extension of application

Delac Dulce – The Next Generation, boosts feed intake in both piglets and sows. This results in sows producing more milk for their piglets. Moreover, the aroma is transferred through the uterus and the milk to the piglets. Making Delac Dulce a familiar and stable factor in the dramatically changing environment from uterus to weaning room.

Delac Dulce is the complete sensory experience by stimulation of olfactory receptors in the nose, gustatory receptors in the mouth, and activation of receptors in the gut. The unique aroma, improved formula and the extended application of Delac Dulce – The Next Generation give the ultimate taste experience and provide recognition throughout the piglet’s life, for an optimal weaning.

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