All about amino acid digestibility

Last year we have published the results of in-vivo digestibility research with FMR Ω3 and JPC 56 compared to super prime Peruvian fishmeal in cannulated piglets by Prof Hans Stein at the Monogastric Nutrition Lab, University of Illinois. The trial showed almost 100% protein and amino acid digestibility for FMR Ω3 and JPC 56. We concluded that FMR Ω3 and JPC 56 plant proteins can easily replace animal proteins such as fishmeal, plasma, meat and bone meal, in young animal diets. Please find the article enclosed. Working with our customers in formulating piglet diets, we have seen other ingredients such as yeast protein concentrate and synthetic glutamine products can be replaced with FMR Ω3 and JPC 56 as well, reducing diet cost and in some cases even improving piglet performance at the same time.

In promoting the FMR Ω3 and JPC 56 solutions during 2020 we have agreed a series of three articles with global media platform PigProgress both in the printed as well as digital format. All articles will mention FMR Ω3 and JPC 56 and Joosten – young animal nutrition.

The first article will feature the importance of in-vivo amino acid digestibility for feed formulation for piglets. Please find enclosed the first article ‘All about amino acid digestibility’ which will appear in PigProgress magazine and on the PigProgress website this week. It is also published in Chinese on the PigProgress platform on WeChat. The second article will feature the Joosten Swine Application Farm Tom Janssen, the third article one of Joosten main integrator customers. These will be published during the run of this year.

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