Trial piglet feed with Sweelac

The influence of a single ingredient on piglet feed quality.

An interesting article was published in the August version of “Failure, success of Chinese piglet feed formulas based on whey”. This article explains that a single ingredient can cause disaster, even in the best formula available.. .

In general, dairy ingredients have a very good reputation to be used as high quality ingredients in piglet formulation. However nowadays the processes in the dairy processing industry are changing; more nutrients are taken out of the milk and used for food, sweets or the pharma industry. Consequently, the dairy by-products get more /lower in their nutrient level and profile. Often these low quality dairy by-products are used in piglet feed because of interesting prices. However this effects also the results as showed in the article of Ioannis Mavromichalis.

More than 10 years ago Joosten already developed a sweet whey powder replacer: “Sweelac”.

Sweelac has several advantages compared to (low quality) whey powders;

  • Constant nutrient levels, like 12% protein and 65% lactose
  • Safe product, no bacterial contamination
  • Free flowing, no cacking
  • Good amino acid profile
  • Palatable
  • Stable price and always available

In a trial recently conducted at Joosten’s trial farm Jansberg, Sweelac was compared with a high quality Dutch sweet whey powder. Results were comparable, from which we can conclude that Sweelac is a good alternative for high quality sweet whey powder and even more for low quality dairy ingredients.

Comparison trial piglet feed with Sweelac versus piglet feed with sweet whey powder. Inclusion in piglet feed for both products 10%.

Schema sweelac proef
*DLWG = Daily Weight Gain    *DFI = Daily Feed Intake
Vooraanzicht Jansberg
*Joosten’s Trial Farm Jansberg