The Rabobank Foundation project.


Article: Rabobank Foundation 

Calf milk replacer from Isidorus and Joosten Products for dairy cattle cooperative in Indonesia.

What is it that brings Rabobank Weerterland en Cranendonck, the Isidorus Weert Cooperative and Joosten Products together in Indonesia? The answer: a cooperative of small-scale dairy farmers called KSU Andini Luhur, which these three parties from Weert in the southern Netherlands are supporting in various ways. To mark its centenary on October 5th, the Isidorus cooperative has teamed up with Joosten Products to donate a pallet of calf milk replacer to Andini Luhur.


The pallet will be presented to the Indonesian cooperative during a project visit organised by Rabobank Foundation from the 5th to the 10th of October. Rabobank’s social fund invests in farmer cooperatives in developing countries, and one such is Andini Luhur. This cooperative of small and often impoverished dairy farmers gained a loan from Rabobank Foundation so that members could seek microcredit to buy a new dairy cow. That way the farmers can boost their milk production and increase income.

The Rabobank Foundation project in Indonesia has been ‘adopted’ by local Rabobank Weerterland and its customers. In practical terms this means the bank and its clients made a donation to help further the development of the cooperative and its farmer members. ‘Through our Foundation, Rabobank furnishes funds and expertise to developing cooperatives,’ explains board chairman Jules Coenen of Rabobank Weerterland en Cranendonck. ‘As a local bank we make an annual donation to the Rabobank Foundation, but customers are also able to donate. As such we decided to team up to support a dairy initiative in Indonesia, not only with money but also by offering them our expertise and our network.

’The donors’ commitment to the project is reflected in their forthcoming visit to the cooperative in Indonesia. What’s more, Andini Luhur can expect a special gift. Isidorus, one of the Rabobank customers involved in the project, has decided to mark its centenary by donating a pallet of calf milk replacer. Manufacturer and exporter of feed for young animals Joosten Products has pledged to ship the pallet to Indonesia free of charge. The pallet will be officially presented to the cooperative during the visit of the Rabobank Foundation delegation.