Delac Dulce, The Next Generation

Dulce is introduced in 2011 and has become a successful enrichment in Premium products of Joosten – young animal nutrition, like Delac Dulce. The goal of Dulce is clear: With Dulce -the ultimate taste enhancer-, the piglet feed is upgraded with an attractive taste and odour, resulting in an increased feed intake to overcome the weaning dip.
Partners feedback has taught us, that Delac Dulce and the focus on palatability is a successful strategy. But also that there is a need for a more massive description and for sensory distinction in our product that can make Dulce recognizable by the user. New insights and extensive animal and human preference tests with HAS University have led to the new & improved Delac Dulce. The new Delac Dulce is based on the original concept but with:

  1. Improved formula and taste
  2. Unique aroma
  3. Extension of application

Next to a new and improved composition, the application is also unique. Not only Delac Dulce delivers benefits in piglet feed, but is also applicable in sow feed. A high feed intake in lactating sows is a challenge, especially in hot climates: Delac Dulce boosts feed intake in sows, and the nutrients in Delac Dulce benefit both the sow and the subsequent litter. Next to this, using Delac Dulce in both piglet and sow feed, the interesting phenomena ‘vertical imprinting’ takes place.

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