Dear Valued Partners,

In the end of September we will open the doors of the virtual “Joosten academy”, via the internet.

We offer you: 
We offer to any of our business partners,  any and all of the modules e-learning at no cost (free of charges).

The targeted students for these e-learning modules
The targeted students are any member of staff in a technical and/or business position or in a management position with our business partner. There are no restrictions for our business partners  however it is  not permitted to offer these e-learning modules to any of your customers or share them with your customers.

Performance record and diploma
At completion of a module, the student will be rewarded with a personal score; this score will be shared by us with the management of our business partner. Any student who completed any all of the (10) modules with a satisfying score, will receive from us a personal diploma.


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