Fundraising for Ghana

What is better than bringing together your idealism and your passion for logistics? In August our colleague, Vivian Bohorquez, went to Ghana to do volunteer work at an orphanage. Knowing, that a well-stocked 40DV container is on its way, a result of her initiative to collect goods for the benefit of these orphans.

Before Vivian leaves to Ghana, the idea occurs to send a consignment of toys to the orphanage where Vivian is going to stay for 4 weeks. Within no time, the initiative results into a real fundraising among colleagues, friends, family and business partners with whom Joosten – young animal nutrition works together closely. A great commitment is shown by all, when everyone generously donates goods, gives financial contributions, and cooperates to get the container with goods at its final destination.

The orphanage and affiliated elementary school are managed by a few people and depends on volunteers and donations. After consultation with the Kidz Active Foundation, it appears that they have a wish to open a small local store in which they can sell the donated goods. It enables them to do business on a small scale, to generate revenues, which can be invested in the orphanage. How nice would it be to also donate the container, so that it can be transformed into a shop? This question is therefore submitted to Managing Director Geert van den Boomen, who immediately responds positively.

“Corporate social responsibility in optima forma: in addition to economic performance also having attention for the social aspect,” explains Geert. “Ghana fits perfectly to an internationally operating company with global logistics.”

Three weeks ago, the container is finally cleared by customs and arrives at the place of destination. The orphanage is very happy with all the donated goods. It’s so much, that they are still busy to distribute everything.

“On behalf of Joosten – young animal nutrition and personally, I thank all business partners who have made this donation possible,” says Vivian. “BCTN, Rotterdam Overseas Network, Hamann International Logistics, Verstegen-Adam Transport and Nukamel Productions. Together we have made this fundraiser a success! We have made a number of Ghanaian children happy with our donations.”

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Are you interested in doing volunteer work or do you want to support the Kidz Active Foundation, visit their website