How to wean large numbers of piglets

Due to genetics and improving management in modern pig farms the number of alive born piglets is increasing (more than 12 piglets born alive).

As a consequence of this, it becomes more and more a challenge for the farmer to raise and wean this high number of piglets. After all the sow has a limited amount of teats (12) and frequently the milk production of the sow is insufficient. Also the variation in alive born weight of the piglets is larger which give a large variation within the litter and more lighter piglets.

There are many options to support the sow and piglets; make a foster sow, supply a high quality creep feed, good sow management, … and feeding a sow milk replacer.

Joosten Products developed a sow milk replacer which can be used from day 5 of life -> Nutrilac PLUS. Nutrilac PLUS is acidified for extra safety and contains extra immunoglobulins to support the immune system. Nutrilac  PLUS can be used to replace sow milk completely (from day 5 in so called incubator systems) or fed as complement to sow milk and dry feed in the  farrowing pen. Nutrilac PLUS is an ideal product to support the piglet and sow and as a consequence raise more piglets per sow per year.

Please find below trial results of the Nutrilac PLUS with blood plasma and the Nutrilac PLUS with the specially developed alternative for blood plasma.

Piglets were taken away from the sow around 6 days of age. Piglets were moved to a unit in groups of 9 to 10 piglets per pen. They had access to two drinking cups for the milk. Also water and solid feed available. No antibiotics or ZnO were used (not allowed).

Although the piglets are very young (only 6 days old), they perform very well on the milk replacer Nutrilac PLUS. Average daily gain is high (>206 gram per day) and the weight at weaning is more than 6,4 kg. Also feed conversion ratio is very low and health status is excellent, of a total of 237 piglets only 6 animals were removed (2.5%).

For more information about Nutrilac PLUS contact: Joosten Products.