Plant proteins can replace animal proteins Pig Progress

‘Plant proteins can replace animal proteins’ is published in the new volume of Pig Progress magazine. This article was written by our Global Product Manager Kelly Vermeer MSc together with Prof Dr Hans H. Stein. Dr Stein works for the University of Illinois and is the founder of in vivo digestibility research in cannulated weaned piglets. Dr Stein is worldwide known for his expertise in protein digestibility and usage.

In the article, Vermeer and Dr Stein explain about the extensive research in weaning piglets done at the University of Illinois to analyse the digestibility of our Protein Concentrates versus Super Prime Fishmeal. The research shows an excellent in vivo protein digestibility of Joosten Protein Concentrates (FMR Ω3 and JPC 56), which confirm the in vitro tests results performed in previous years.

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