I am Tom Janssen, 30 years of age and living together with my girlfriend and new-born daughter in Castenray, in the South of Holland.



Here we are running a typically Dutch family farm; a closed swine farm with 400 sows, including piglets and fatteners. The work is done by me and one man who is helping me 1 or 2 days at peak moments.





I’ve started at this location in 2008 with 300 sows. At that time I was renting the farm. In 2010 I started a cooperation with the owner at that time, under the name Jansberg VOF. In the beginning of 2017 I bought the entire company and continued under the name Janssen Pigs. Over the course of the years the company has grown from 300 sows to 400 sows and corresponding fatteners.

The main focus in the company is efficiency and the ease of working, which is only realisable by producing uniform and healthy pigs. The piglet rearing is of primary importance as it is here where the basis of our end product is created, healthy and uniform fatteners. Our aim is to optimally utilise the youth growth of the piglets, for this a high and gradual feed intake is necessary. We achieve this by using piglet feeds with the best palatability due to excellent taste and smell.

In 2014 I got in contact with, in that time named, Joosten Products via Jeroen van den Boomen. Joosten was looking for a commercial swine farm to perform practical trials to test their products. Over the years, numerous animal trials have been executed here on the farm with lactating sows and weaned piglets with the main focus on palatability of the products of Joosten. In the rooms where we perform those tests, all the piglets are being weighed individually or per pen to monitor the growth. Other parameters which we register are of course feed intake, health, manure score, medication use  and type development of the piglets.

At the moment we are planning to realise a completely new gestation facility and partly new and renovation of the piglet facilities. We hope to get started with the constructions this spring (April 2018). The goal of these renovations is to be able to work even more efficient and precise than ever before. Moreover, we will also invest in a reception room and an extension of the shower facilities, so we are better equipped to welcome groups of visitors, to show the partners of Joosten around.

You are always welcome to come and have a look!