My name is John van Iersel,


I am married with Mirian and we have 2 teenager daughters.

In Nederweert, I have a dairy farm with 630 Holstein-Friesian milking cows and 180 ha of arable land. In 2001 I took over the farm from my father, at that time we were milking 150 cows. 




To prevent introduction of diseases in the farm, we never buy livestock from outside. Because of this we attach great importance to a proper calf rearing.  A good start of a calf’s life is most important in this. 

During a study trip in Russia I came across Joosten. With other Dutch farmers from Holland we were visiting a 31.000-head dairy farm, which uses Joosten Milk. I recognised the typical Dutch family name Joosten. Looking at the label, I saw the production was in Weert, that is like 5 km from my house! I had heard of Joosten before, but I never did any business with them, since Joosten is an exporting company. After a successful try-out in 2014, we decided to continue with Joosten Milk to raise the calves at our farm.

When Joosten contacted me to become a dairy application farm, I said immediately Yes. Through this I get full insight in the calf measurements data and I get to make use of the newest developments in young animal nutrition.

I have full confidence that we will have a close cooperation with Joosten – young animal nutrition for a long period of time!