Large investments in production and laboratory!

In the past two years Joosten – young animal nutrition has made large investments in its factory in Weert, The Netherlands in order to prepare for the future. The major ingredients mixer has partly been replaced and brand-new production lines with innovative transport systems have been installed. The complete electricity system has been renewed and the office underwent an impressive renovation. All these changes will result in an improved production efficiency and a higher quality standard of Joosten products.


Quality and safety are key factors in young animal nutrition. In order to produce Joosten products according today’s and future highest quality standards, an entirely new, state-of-the-art laboratory has been realized. In this new laboratory all incoming ingredients and final products are analysed. Several quick analyses can be done to check if a raw material or product is according specifications and Joosten’s quality standards. The new NIR (Near-Infrared) Spectroscopy is an important instrument for quick analysis by showing the most important nutrients within 10 seconds. Furthermore other analysis take place in the new laboratory like; pH determination, solubility, stability, organoleptic, bulk density, etc.

Besides checking the quality, this new laboratory also increasingly facilitates in research and development. An example in this is to determine the appearance and physical aspects of Joosten products in critical environments like high humidity in combination with high temperatures. This can be simulated and tested in a specially equipped separate room. Also facilities to test the applicability of our products are implemented. An automatic milk feeding station is giving more insight, to further optimize the products and to make products more convenient for clients and end users.

Further optimization and investments of the factory are planned for 2018. These new investments in the factory and laboratory make Joosten – young animal nutrition ready for the future!

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