As a result of genetic progress, modern sow breeding farms have a significant increase in number of live born piglets. With these higher litter sizes, supporting the sow and her piglets is becoming more important. To accommodate this, Joosten offers dairy based acidified milk replacers for young piglets. The Nutrilac range consist out of two types of milk replacers: Nutrilac and Nutilac Plus.

Nutrilac milk replacers provide essential nutrients and energy for young piglets to increase liveability. The Nutrilac range focuses on gut development to prepare the piglet for the weaning period, thus playing an important role in the infant stage of a piglet’s life.

Nutrilac is a must for professional high performing breeding farms to support piglet and sow. Providing Nutrilac increases piglet survival rate and therewith farm productivity.


Nutrilac and Nutrilac Plus can both be fed complementary to sow milk in the farrowing crate or when applying split suckling. Due to the use of specific ingredients, Nutrilac Plus can also be used in automatic feeding systems and to replace sow milk completely in an artificial rearing system.