New Colleague

Since August 1st, Jeroen van den Boomen, son of Geert, joins the Joosten team in the Customer Service department. It is important that Jeroen gets to know Joosten in the coming years from A to Z. That’s why it’s logical that he will start working in the customer service team and get to know the products and of course our business partners. In addition to customer service, Jeroen will also be involved in production and quality affairs. After several years, it is intended that Jeroen will make the switch to the Sales department.

In 2011, Jeroen graduated in Business Administration & Agribusiness at HAS University of Applied Sciences. In the past years, Jeroen has held various positions within the agricultural sector. For almost three and a half year he worked in one of the most modern slaughterhouses of the Netherlands owned by the family Van Rooi. Jeroen was responsible for the sustainability programs wherefore Van Rooi slaughtered pigs.

The past two years, Jeroen worked as an account manager for Vitelia Voeders, a Dutch compound feed company located in the south of the Netherlands, specialized in the production of feed for pigs, cattle and poultry. In this position, Jeroen was responsible for sales of raw materials and compound feed to professional pig farms.

Jeroen: “The last years I have heard a lot about Joosten from my father. Everything he told me about doing successful business worldwide made me curious and therefore I would like to get to know Joosten better and discover the company the coming years. I am proud to be a real member of the Joosten family now, and proud working in our family company!! 

Hopefully we will meet each other soon.