JPC 56 (Joosten Protein Concentrate) is an excellent protein provider in young animal diets, due to its amino acid pattern and high digestibility. JPC 56 is particularly used in swine and poultry feeds and recognised by feed producing companies and integrators all over the world for its nutrient stability and feed safety standards.

A key and unique characteristic of JPC 56 is its high level of glutamine. Glutamine is an essential amino acid for young animals and has a direct promoting effect on villi development and gut health.

The content of glutamine, its convenience and superior protein digestibility makes JPC 56 the protein provider of choice in young animal nutrition.



A high grade protein source is essential for young animal nutrition. JPC 56 is specially designed for young animal feed formulations, but it can also be used for fast growing animals or to support animals which are in a negative energy balance (e.g. lactating sows, broiler breeders).