FMR Ω 3 is a highly digestible protein source with the inclusion of food-grade omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore FMR Ω 3 is particularly suitable for a sustainable solution to replace fishmeal. FMR Ω 3 is used and recognized by feed producing companies all over the world for its nutrient stability and feed safety standards.

Additional FMR Ω 3 contains high levels of glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid essential in young animals and delivers a direct positive effect on villi development and gut health.

The inclusion of glutamine, omega-3 fatty acids and its superior protein digestibility makes FMR Ω 3 extremely suitable for young animal nutrition.



A high grade protein source is essential for young animal nutrition. FMR Ω 3 is especially used in young animal feed formulations, but can also be used for fast-growing animals or supporting animals which are in a negative energy balance. FMR Ω 3 can substitute fishmeal 1-on-1 or can be included following the inclusion guidelines of Joosten.