Joosten Calf Concentrate 20%

Joosten calf concentrate (inclusion 20%) is to be included in calf starter feed. Joosten calf concentrate can be used together with local ingredients and is the perfect basis for a high quality calf starter feed.

Characteristics of Joosten Calf Concentrate 20%:

  • Easy to mix with local ingredients
  • Gives palatable complete feed
    • Higher feed intake for better rumen development
  • Contains a mix of heat-treated cereals
    • Helps the rumen development
  • Contains all necessary vitamins and minerals for young calves
  • Prevents acidification in the rumen (rumen acidosis)
  • Contains yeast, which has a positive effect on the rumen development and stability

Joosten Calf Concentrate 20% is specially designed to provide the nutritional components for calves to achieve the goals of good health, good growth and early rumen development.

JP Electrolytes

JP electrolytes stabilises the water and electrolyte balance of the calve. JP electrolytes are composed from electrolytes (like sodium, potassium and chloride) and easily digestible carbohydrates. JP electrolytes can be used in the event of digestion problems (diarrhoea) or as prevention thereof.

As prevention for diarrhoea, JP Electrolytes can be used at day 3 of life. Instead of 1 feeding of (transition) milk supply 1.5 litres of JP Electrolytes. Dilute 25 grams of JP Electrolytes per litre water of 40 ⁰C. Prepare it fresh and feed immediately to the calves after preparation.

As a cure: When diarrhoea/liquid manure occurs, electrolytes should be supplied immediately. It is crucial to act quickly as calves are losing a lot of fluid and salts, causing dehydration. JP Electrolytes can be supplied next to the milk (decrease litres of milk by half) or instead of milk for maximum 1½ days.