Sweetness all over!

Supporting performance via vertical imprinting with Delac Dulce

Imagine; you are together with all your brothers and sisters in a warm, cozy nest. You know this area like the palm of your hand – or hoof -, since you have lived here your whole life. Every day follows the same pattern: we sleep, the lights go on, people enter our house, we play the whole day. Mummy calls us every hour for a nice milk meal, and when we are satisfied we take a little nap. Life is good…

But then, all of the sudden, they take mummy away and people bring you to a dark place. You scream, but no one pays any attention. You sit in the corner of this dark room for hours. It is cold, noisy and with different piglets who are strangers to you. Some of them even want to fight. The next morning, you feel hungry, but there is no milk – only those strange little blocks. You don’t like them..

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